3PL Services

Inbound & Outbound Handling

Receipt of merchandise

Electric ramps and mechanical means provide the opportunity for correct and safe unloading of more than 50 trucks every day.

Handling items with serial numbers

Handling items based on serial numbers upon receipt and delivery with simultaneous online updating to the customer and immediate dispatch of the serial number per final recipient and delivery note.

Receipt of on-line orders and entries by customers

We offer on-line updating by customers of the company as to daily orders, to their own customers, as well as item entries to the warehouse. The dispatch of orders file and entries file is the safest and fastest way of transferring data between the logistics company and the customer, without however being the only way.

Order picking

The collection of products per order is performed with wireless terminals (scanners R/F) that connect to the IT system (WMS). In addition, a cross-check is performed during final packing to eliminate potential for human error. Finally, the process of labelling takes place where necessary during picking.


The company handles returns by its customers, checking whether the merchandise are in good state and following all provided actions for the new transfer. Special areas are available in every facility for reverse logistics with the necessary equipment. Furthermore, the customer’s system is automatically updated with the relevant documents following each reverse process.

Warehouse Management


Counting upon physical delivery, separation and storage of merchandise by code in computerised locations. Possibility of safe transfer of multiple codes.


The storage method is determined based on the specifications set out by the customer. For example, adherence to dedicated locations or free storage, FIFO, FEFO, LOT monitoring with full traceability of each batch.

Special Services

Product grouping

There is possibility of product grouping and replacement of existing barcodes with new ones or in case there is no factory barcode, issue and attachment of barcode according to the customer's specifications.

Packaging - Packing

DIAS S.A. is able to undertake packaging, packing compaction, plastic shrink wrapping of products as well as automatic label attachment.

Cross Docking

Receipt, classification of complete orders and delivery thereof to the final recipient within 18 hours in any location throughout Greece and within 4 days for Cyprus.

Home delivery

Delivery and inspection in front of the final recipient as to the good state of delivery of the final product.

Possibility of payment on delivery

Possibility of payment on delivery on the account of the customer, according to its will and specifications.

Automation – on-line updating

On-line monitoring
of merchandise from the time of delivery to the time of final delivery.

On-line updating
of customers as to the transfer of products as well as the available stock in the warehouse.

Automatic update
of the system, issue of documents and accompanying documents (e.g. Delivery Note or Packing list).

KPIs as well as extensive reporting based on the customer’s specifications for immediate monitoring of performance.

Customs Clearance

Please, contact us for more information: cust@dias.gr

Distribution Network

DIAS S.A. is registered in Attica and operates branches in Thessaloniki and Limassol, Cyprus. The company therefore is able to provide safe and fast transfer of merchandise within 18 hours throughout Greece and within 4 days in Cyprus.

For a number of years now, the company has established permanent collaboration with 40 operators of public use transport trucks as well as 60 agencies of national transports. Due to the Greek legal framework in force, logistics companies are not allowed to operate privately-owned trucks to service their customers.

The company guarantees the reliability of its partners as well as the punctual, timely and safe delivery of merchandise to all areas in Greece and Cyprus.

Courier Services

Given its many years of experience and being aware of the market's needs and particularities of the delivery process,DIAS S.A. established a courier service in 2008 that operates under the name“UNIT COURIER LTD”.

The purpose of the new company is to cover all demands of DIAS S.A. customers within the Prefecture of Athens and Thessaloniki city centre. Moreover, the company deals with special cases that cannot be serviced by the public use distribution trucks, such as small parcel and express deliveries.

This is an added-value service to the chain of handling merchandise and differentiates the quality of the services provided offering a competitive advantage.

Promotional Packaging

Since 2005 the company operates a separate unit for promotional packaging, as well as shrink wrap. This is a fully equipped unit with high productivity and quality certification for shrink wrap. The company also provides barcoding services for new products as well as transfer of products to the location specified by the customer. All merchandise packaging services are provided at competitive deadlines and prices.

The unit employs specialised personnel that are constantly adjusting to the needs of technology and to the customer’s requirements. Covering the customer’s needs at all times is the main concern of DIAS S.A. in all fields and not only in packaging.

Cross Docking - Cyprus

DIAS S.A. operates in the Cypriot market and undertakes the shipment of merchandise from Greece to Cyprus with door-to-door delivery within 4 days as of order receipt with (full or not) loading, by chartering a special area in cargo vessels for its customers’ containers. Moreover, the company offers an integrated solution in product transfer with product palletizing per customer and destination as well as through channelling thereof to the customers’ commercial network.

The Cypriot market is developing dynamically during the past years and its transactions with Greece are constantly augmenting. It is important for a trading company to be able to trust the transfer of its merchandise outside the Greek territory to a reliable partner.