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Special Services

Product grouping

There is possibility of product grouping and replacement of existing barcodes with new ones or in case there is no factory barcode, issue and attachment of barcode according to the customer's specifications.

Automation – on-line updating

  • On-line monitoring of merchandise from the time of delivery to the time of final delivery.
  • On-line updating of customers as to the transfer of products as well as the available stock in the warehouse. 
  • Automatic update of the system, issue of documents and accompanying documents (e.g. Delivery Note or Packing list) 
  • KPIs as well as extensive reporting based on the customer’s specifications for immediate monitoring of performance

Packaging - Packing

DIAS S.A. is able to undertake packaging, packing compaction, plastic shrink wrapping of products as well as automatic label attachment.

Cross Docking

Receipt, classification of complete orders and delivery thereof to the final recipient within 18 hours in any location throughout Greece and within 4 days for Cyprus.

Home delivery

Delivery and inspection in front of the final recipient as to the good state of delivery of the final product.

Possibility of payment on delivery

Possibility of payment on delivery on the account of the customer, according to its will and specifications.


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