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Inbound/Outbound Handling

Receipt of merchandise

Electric ramps and mechanical means provide the opportunity for correct and safe unloading of more than 50 trucks every day.

Handling items with serial numbers

Handling items based on serial numbers upon receipt and delivery with simultaneous online updating to the customer and immediate dispatch of the serial number per final recipient and delivery note.

Receipt of on-line orders and entries by customers

We offer on-line updating by customers of the company as to daily orders, to their own customers, as well as item entries to the warehouse. The dispatch of orders file and entries file is the safest and fastest way of transferring data between the logistics company and the customer, without however being the only way.

Order picking

The collection of products per order is performed with wireless terminals (scanners R/F) that connect to the IT system (WMS). In addition, a cross-check is performed during final packing to eliminate potential for human error. Finally, the process of labelling takes place where necessary during picking.


The company handles returns by its customers, checking whether the merchandise are in good state and following all provided actions for the new transfer. Special areas are available in every facility for reverse logistics with the necessary equipment. Furthermore, the customer’s system is automatically updated with the relevant documents following each reverse process.

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