Technical equipment

  • Automatic packaging machines (tape, rubber bands and labels adhesion)
  • Hydraulic loading / unloading ramps 
  • Forklifts and carton clamps as well as pickorders 
  • Light and heavy-duty metal shelving units with drive in  storage system - FIFO - boxes- safety boxes 
  • Merchandise automatic conveyor belts

Technological equipment

  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) – ERP programmes
  • On line connection with the customer 
  • Scanning / Barcoding 
  • Paperless  picking 
  • RF Technology 
  • Administrative services automations 


Safe transport and storage of merchandise is a main concern of DIAS S.A.

  • Manned security service at all facilities
  • Areas arranged especially for high value objects 
  • Fire-detection and fire safety systems 
  • Security and screening systems
  • Ordinary/ extraordinary inspections 
  • Generators for uninterrupted power supply



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